Kanye West’s Mother’s Day Surprise To Kim Is The Most Beautiful Thing You’ve Never Seen

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When a man loves a woman…

Kanye West might be a lot of unpleasant things to a lot of people, but he is the “best husband in the world” to Kim Kardashian.

And she is letting you know that!

The Rapper, sent his wife, who had to spend mother’s day away from her daughter, North, while she went to Brazil for business, did the sweetest thing ever.

Kim Instagram

He sent roses to her room, crowding the whole place, had a private orchestra perform Sam Smith for her and every dish served was accompanied by, “this is from Mr West to the best mother in the world.”

Isn’t that the sweetest thing since honey?

Kim has received backlash for refusing to share the special day with North but we doubt she would be bothered considering what her man just did for her!


Kim’s Instagram courtesy Dailymail



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