Kanye West, Kendall & Kylie Jenner Booed At Billboard Music Awards

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Kanye West and his in-laws Kendall & Kylie Jenner were all booed at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.

The show had featured a series of amazing performances from Hozier to Little Big Town to Meghan Trainor, and Kanye West was due to be the show’s final act.

However, as Kendall and Kylie took to the stage to announce Ye’s performance, they were hit with a series of boos from the crowd.

The disapproval continued throughout his set that included his heavily bleeped songs All Day and Black Skinhead.

To omit profanity, an ample portion of the audio for his first track, All Day, was censored from the broadcast, leaving viewers to hear several seconds of silence throughout his segment. The portions that were played were nearly inaudible, inhibited by screeching sound effects.

Viewers also never got a clear glimpse of the rapper, hidden behind a steady stream of pyrotechnics and thick smoke. At the beginning of the concert, he appeared to be walking through flames towards the front of the stage but he never emerged from the clouds of mist.

Fans were generally displeased with the performance, and booed Kanye off the stage.



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  1. “Kanye’s much anticipated performance of “All Day”

    I must be getting old or not keeping up with our evolving culture.

    Looking at the lyrics Kanye’s penned for his “All Day” rap performance I am reading juvenile put-downs of people less fortunate than him, characterizations of women as less than human, demeaning references to other people’s complexions and words about people being popped? Popped, that’s murder, isn’t it?

    Perhaps it is me and the biases I’ve embraced since witnessing the pain and suffering Kanye’s best buddy and business associate Shawn JayZ Carter caused to peaceful people living a Brooklyn housing project and surrounding neighborhoods.

    Shawn JayZ Carter was a poor inner city kid and victim of child abuse/neglect who developed into a emotionally damaged adult who continues to promote child abuse and exploit the victims of child abuse.

    Jay “Young Jeezy” Wayne Jenkins (born September 28, 1977) is one of the damaged human beings Shawn Carter exploits for profit and fame.

    Kanye was a suburban kid who grew up in mainstream American, developing into a puppet-master who exploits kids who were victims of child abuse and developed into emotionally damaged adults.

    Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Michael Carter, Jr. (Born September 27, 1982) is the perfect example of a damaged human being who Kanye West collaborates with, exploiting Dwayne for profit and fame.

    For the record, I was a NYC cop who personally witnessed the fear, emotional and physical damage Shawn JayZ Carter raps about causing to peaceful people living the Marcy Houses or living and working in the surrounding neighborhoods.

    I witnessed teen children become hooked on the Crack JayZ raps about selling to his neighbors, and subsequently harming their peaceful neighbors to acquire the funds needed to purchase the drugs JayZ proudly claims he sold to people in his struggling community.

    I find it extremely sad that Shawn JayZ Carter has become a popular celebrity when his past is filled with causing pain to thousands of poor and struggling Americans…of course, puppet and modern day slvve master Kanye West is no better for aligning himself with JayZ, a self-proclaimed American Drug Dealer.


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