John Dumelo & Yvonne Nelson Fall Out Over #DumsorMustStop Campaign

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Yvonne Nelson and her colleague best friend, John Dumelo have fallen out of good terms with each other.

Dumelo was not in support of Nelson’s #DumsorMustStop campaign, a vigil she started due to the poor power supply in the country.

Nelson had previously called Dumelo an “ass kisser” when he showed support for Ghanaian president Mahama, and in a recent interview, described him as childish for not picking up her calls.

“John came to my house a few days ago when I twitted about him “Kissing ass” and we all laughed over it had a fun time together and I even cooked and he ate, my mum was at home. Two days after that, I called John Dumelo he did not pick up and I called him the next day he did not pick up….errrm John did not support my campaign, John hasn’t spoken to me ever since he left my house and I don’t know why”, Yvonne revealed.

“John if you are watching, I think you are just been childish come on now …come on now” she added during the interview.

Yvonne Nelson also deleted all pictures of herself and Dumelo from her Instagram page, with Dumelo then taking to Twitter to fire off his own subliminal shots.



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