Jayz Is Getting The Heat For His “All White Staff” At Tidal

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He’s got ninety nine problems and the black race is one.

People are not letting Jayz have it easy with his music App Tidal and that does not seem to be stopping anytime soon.

The music mogul who has been having issues with acceptance regarding his new business venture just got the heat… again. And this time, people are going at him because of the skin color on the back of his staff members.

The black community, yesterday, went off over a picture (the above picture) that surfaced on Beyonce’s website last week with Jay and Bey being the only black people.

This has sparked outrage with people saying Jay does not want to employ “Nig**z”

However, the location of Tidal, which is in Norway is said to have just two percent black population so maybe is just employing who he can find?



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