Jason Derulo Is All Shades Of Sexy For The Latest Edition Of Billboard Magazine

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In the most recent edition of Billboard magazine which hit news-stands on Friday, super sexy dancer, musician and song writer, Jason Derulo, dishes on his career, Jordin Sparks, his childhood, the food he fantasizes about  and more

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On his love life & what it would take him to get into a relationship “When asked what his love life looked like he responded by laughing hard and saying “A deck of cards,” he also says it would take “a miracle” for him to get into a relationship.

On how his career started, Jason has had the same manager for 13 years, “Harris(his manager)  spotted a 12-year-old Derulo on a Miami basketball court while Harris (a former pro-hooper overseas) was in law school. He saw the boy’s tenacity and offered to coach him. “He was a good athlete,” recalls Harris, “but everything was between the legs three times and around the back. His game was too fancy.”

Before long, Derulo revealed his other ambition to Harris. Starting when he was 4, Derulo had copied Michael Jackson’s  and MC Hammers moves from the TV in his parents’ living room in Carol City, the same Miami neighbourhood Rick Ross and Flo Rida once called home. “It was the hood hood,” he says. Eventually he slipped out of the house at night to dance in the empty street. At 8, he wrote his first song, for a girl he had a crush on.”

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On his childhood & insecurities, “My mom says I was an introvert,” says Derulo, gnashing gum. “I never saw myself that way, but I was always focused. I didn’t spend a lot of time doing things that I didn’t think would make me great. I studied all kinds of dance, all types of music. I got good grades. I started hitting the recording studio around 13.”

Derulo’s dad, a Social Security administrator, made him do sit-ups as a kid, but he wasn’t always fit. “I had a lil’ chub-chub moment from ages 7 to 11,” he says. “If somebody was teasing, they’d go straight to my fat. I was so insecure, I kept my shirt on in the pool, which is the worst because it sticks to your stomach anyway. I never wanted to go back.” Today, he’s only insecure about his “beat-up” dancer’s feet.


To read the full interview, head over to billboard.com




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