It’s A Miracle! Mad Woman Gets Instantly Healed After Being Hit By Vehicle

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What would have been the instrument for bereavement to many became the catalyst for hope for Mrs. Ugwu, popularly known as Mama Nnenna, after the accident, which occurred at Ugwuawarawa in Nsukka, that would have sent the 62-year-old mother of four to her grave. However, instead it served as the beginning of her healing process from the protracted mental illness that bedeviled her.

It was learnt that for over 3 decades, Mama Nnenna, had literally been mentally insane, and many times gone stark naked as a result of her ill health.

According to report, she had been residing close to a Total Roundabout in Nsukka, until the unfortunately fortunate day of the accident. Mrs. Ugwu was rushed to Bishop Shanahan Hospital, Nsukka, by the driver of the car that hit her.

We learnt she refused all medical attention given to her by the hospital.

She was however, seen at GRA, Nsukka, busy sweeping her room and cleaning her environment in clean apparel, looking like a mentally stabled woman.

She had changed from the dirty mad woman who specialized in collecting all sorts of dirty cloths and tying them around her waist, leg and head.

A source revealed that Mrs. Ugwu subliminally broke into tears while narrating her ordeal “I am here suffering; I don’t know what I did to people that I am put in this kind of condition. I believe that what is happening to me is not ordinary. Somebody did this to me”.

When asked about the whereabouts of her husband, she said she had not seen him and could not tell where he was.

She said her problem started about 30 years ago and wondered why she was in such an agonising situation: “I was down there (pointing at Ugwuawara side) picking food in a dustbin when two children met me and asked me to stop picking anything there. But later they asked me to continue picking. Then, I continued but I did not know when a vehicle came and hit me. It knocked me down and ran over me.”

Mrs. Ugwu’s daughter, Nnenna, explained that “what happened to my mother can best be described as miraculous healing. I have never seen such a rapid healing. I am so happy that she is now recovering though we are currently facing challenges of getting money to buy her drugs regularly.

“Her drugs cost like N15,000 monthly but presently, I don’t have such kind of money. Even her feeding is becoming increasing difficult for me because I am the only person staying with her. I am just a staff of Nsukka Local Government Area and you know the salary is not forthcoming regularly.”

Asked where she has been when all these years her mother was ill: “I have been with my uncle. Each and every time I came around Total filling station and saw her tattered and picking refuse from dumpsites, I always felt so bad. It was always heart rending and too difficult to imagine.”




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