In Very Sand Health: 92-Year Old Indian Woman Who Eats 4 Plates Of Sand Everyday [PHOTOS]

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Sudama Devi, an Indian woman, eats 4 plates of sand everyday, and remains healthy.

Devi, 92, first ate sand when she was 10 years old, and has become quite addicted to it.

Mrs Devi said: “I eat sand daily, about one kilogram and three or four times in a day.”

“My economic condition is not good but I am fond of eating a good and healthy diet. I eat sand but it is not like a food.”

She added: “I had seven sons and three daughters but now I have only three sons and one daughter alive. No one eats sand.”

“Before marriage my father and my brother arranged sand for me and after marriage my husband Krishan Kumar arranged sand for me.”

“When I came first time (sic) in my husband’s home everybody felt surprised to see that a bride eats sand.”

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