“I Just Had To Get Her Own Set Of Make-Up Brushes” Kim Kardashian On Her 23 Month Old Daughter, North

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Well, Kim is a glam Queen and she makes money from being one.

So when she popped by Kelly and Michael and revealed that her daughter who turns two next month is into make -up so much she had to buy her own set of brushes, the world was not exactly surprised.

The KUWTK star, who has mentioned a few times in the past how North liked to play with her make up kit has been seen holding her daughter in many Instrgram posts while she gets ready for a gig.

According to Kim, North plays with her brush, puts it on her own cheeks “as if she knows what she is doing”

While this has come as a rude shock to many, with people condemning Kim for letting her two year old play with make up (which is never suitable for kids) on her face, it seems the little girl is just getting used to what she sees around her.

So what are your thoughts? Should Kim be buying her two year old daughter make up sets?



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  1. No she’s not supposed to , North is a child for crying out loud she should be learning how to talk not putting on make up

  2. Nothing wrong wit that at all this Is the stage kids build confidence. There’s a level of freedom u allow that makes them believe they can do. So pls she is cool lk dt

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