I Feel Really Bad For Nigerians Referring To GEJ As A Hero – Singer Adokiye

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Nigerian Singer, Adokiye famed for her racy photoshoots as well as her virginity claims says she feels bad for Nigerians referring to former president, Goodluck Jonathan, as a hero.

The singer while speaking with Vanguard said Dr. Jonathan is a waste of saliva, adding that GEJ is responsible for unemployment and terror that has ravaged the country in recent times.

“I feel really bad for the Nigerians calling President Jonathan a hero.” She said.

“Hero to who please? Why waste your saliva and brain on someone who has brought poverty, national blackout, danger, unemployment, terror and insecurity to our dear nation.

“Don’t get me wrong, he was my president before now.

“His wife is even from my mum’s village, Ogu Bolo in Okrika and I know her home.

“So, they are my people. But my dear, he disappointed me. Someone that has seen poverty before but was blessed by God to change mankind. What did he do?



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