How To Rip Your Jeans

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I usually catch on on trends after the whole world has done it and abandoned it.  Ripped jeans made a huge come back last summer and they are still pretty much cool. In my habit of been the last person to join the trend, I finally decided a few weeks ago it was time for me to own a pair of ripped jeans.

Another thing about me, which you probably know if you an ardent reader of is that I always try to get as much value as possible for my money.


I walked into a store, and I was totally going to buy a pair of ripped jeans but I was honestly unhappy about the fact that I was going to pay a lot of money for jeans that were pretty much torn  dishevelled. It then occurred to me that I had a few pairs of jeans that were still in good condition I had stopped wearing, and then and there I decided to make my own ripped jeans 🙂

Here is a simple 5 step procedure on how I did it, Enjoy!!

1)Pick out a pair of jeans i.e Skinny or Boyfriend jeans

2)Collect all the materials you will need i.e A Ruler, A razor blade, Sandpaper/Steel wool/Pumice Stone, Chalk/Safety Pin

3)Decide on what degree you want your jeans to be ripped


4)Mark the areas you want to rip with a chalk or safety pins.

5)Distress The Jeans & Rip Away

This is the tricky part, distressing is key to make it look less like it was done by an amateur

  • Start off with rubbing sandpaper/Steel wool/Pumice Stone on the area you want to rip, what this does is that it loosens the fibre of the jeans and gives it that ‘rugged look’ ripped jeans have. It also makes the final ripping easy, and makes the finished product look more original. You can alternate between sandpaper, Steel wool & Pumice stone if all of them are available, but I used just sand paper and pumice stone.
  • After distressing sufficiently, make desired holes with a razor blade or a scissors(I used a razor blade)
  • Tug on the holes slightly with your fingers(This step is optional)


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