How To Plan A Party On Budget

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Parties, no matter the size or type, can cost a fortune especially if not properly planned. It is either you end up buying too much or vice versa. You may have drawn up a plan and you will find yourself spending so much more and the party may not even turn out right. To me, you don’t even need much to make your party rock, all you need to do is to plan appropriately.

In order to spend little and still have an awesome time at whatever party you’re throwing, these are the things you need to do:


  1. Create a theme for the party: creating a theme e.g “pyjamas party”, “mask party” for the occasion helps to simplify things. With this, you know the kind of decorations to buy, the kind of food/snacks to serve. Themes helps you focus and plan better, saving you from buying things you don’t need for the party.


  1. Decide the location for the event: the whole point of planning is to plan ahead so you don’t go broke afterwards or run into debt and as well, the location of any party is a major challenge and takes a lot of cash away from your purse. In order to save money, it is best to use your apartment as the location but if your apartment is not an ideal location, you can always talk to friends that can allow you use theirs or will help you talk to people so you can get a good deal on a club, restraurant etc. You can also strike a good deal/bargain with the proprietors of the place you want to use.


  1. Create a guest list: in order to save money, you have to create a guest list of people you really want to be at your party. Leaving it to be an open party will make run into debts because you have to feed and entertain everyone that comes. Even if you only invite 20, the main aim of the party should not be crowd but fun and more fun. To send out invitations, you can do that via word of mouth, instant messages, mails to the selected few. Tell them it’s strictly by invitation and give them a secret code, a signed card etc as a ticket into the party.


  1. Ask for help with the food: food and drinks also take up a lot of cash. Just go easy on yourself by choosing simple do it yourself snacks and drinks. You can also ask your friends to bring their own drinks; that way, you have a lot to last the night. Look out for best deals on drinks, if you don’t want to ask your friends, and ask for discount. There are good online shopping sites that give a really high discount percentage on goods purchased; use that to your advantage.


  1. Look for a good source of music: this is simple at the same time, tough. Music is everything to a party. If you can get a good DJ at a subsidized rate, good for you but if you can’t, meet your friend who is super good at music and tell him to help you marsh up a collection. Ipod, phone or any music playing gadget + speakers should do the magic.


With all that settled, you just put together a list of games for the party to spice things up. Make sure you put money aside for fuel as phcn can’t be trusted. Constantly follow up on your plans and you’re sure to have an awesome party…

Alice Temitope Dako

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