How A Man Should Dress Up For The First Date (2)

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The last time, we talked about some very important factors that a stylish man should put into consideration when going on a first date with his acquaintance. Some of these factors include the type of setting, colours of the dress and how comfortable you are in the outfit you choose. We shall be continuing in same fashion, as we look at some other critical ideas that will ensure you turn up good for your first date.

Unique Style
It is essential to have a unique style but also important not to go overboard while doing that. Individuality in your dress sense is good as it sets you apart from everyone else. But still have it at the back of your mind that you should have a style that identifies with the crowd. For this reason, it is important to create a balance between your unique style and appearing totally out of place.
Fashion accessories such as a wristwatch, belt or necklace can help add a touch of difference to your appearance but doesn’t make you appear overwhelmingly different. Mixing up your socks colours and appearance sets you apart. Wearing a patterned socks is a good idea as it adds a touch of playfulness to your appearance unlike the plain old boring white or black socks. A cool well ironed shirt that has a conservative design is also a good idea and would go well with a pair of cool plain jeans and pants.

Avoid the mistakes of certain materials
There are unique items for a every occasion and a first date is no different. Certain dress choices for a first date is unforgivable as they are either exaggerated or too plain for the occasion. Avoiding these mistakes are important in creating a positive first impression to your date. It is ideal to try as much as possible to avoid putting on trouser or short Khakis for a first date. Khakis are most ideal for everyday use and is unsuitable for a first date as you appear as if you didn’t put much effort into your appearance.
Moreover, slip -and flip flops should also be avoided on a first date. Slip-ons make you seem too nonchalant which might be mistaken by your date for unseriousness. Alternatively, you could put on Sandals, especially if you are taking your date to the beach or similar areas.

Enhance your features
It is quite suitable to wear clothing and accessories that enhance your best features and traits which would attract your date. It is obvious that looks and enhanced physical traits including your personality will give a good impression. Attention should be given to fitness. Your trousers should fit but shouldn’t be too tight or large. The trousers should also fit well around the waist just as the hems should fall a few inches below the ankles.
Use colours that suit you
This is true for the entire fashion accessories you down. Ensure you select a shade of shirt that enhances your natural complexion.

Pay attention to hygiene
Just as every other other aspect of our lives, hygiene is paramount among the essential things in life. With first time dates, the cleaner you are, the higher the chances of making a good first impression. For this reason, ensure you shower before a date and apply shampoos, soaps and deodorants with mild and appealing smells. More so, ensure that your hair and beards are well trimmed and arranged as it is important to appear to have made an effort to your date.
Furthermore, make sure that whatever clothes you decide on wearing are freshly laundered so as not to appear unclean. Using a perfume to cover up odours from dirty clothes is a no no since the idea of the date is to get up close and personal and you just might appear dirty to your date.

Minimize scent
Finally, it is important to keep the amount of perfume sprayed at the barest minimum as it will be a tad offensive to your date if she becomes overwhelmed with the smell of body spray, aftershave or perfume. It is common for guys to wear excess perfumes which makes it pertinent for you to minimise the amount you spray. Two pump sprays is enough for cologne and not more than four sprays for body sprays. It is important to remember that when you over spray, your nose gets used to the scent up to an extent that you can’t smell it anymore. This however doesn’t mean people around you can’t perceive it, especially your date.

And that’s it on how to dress up for your first date. It is important to note that your attitude and personality is the key selling point. So, remember to relax and enjoy it, irrespective of the outcome.



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