How A Man Should Dress Up For The First Date (1)

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The age long sayings that “dress the way you want to be addressed” and “first impression matters the most” still hold true even today. It is ideal for every man to know the right attire to don for every occasion and same applies for the first date. Your appearance for a first date is so important as it is usually a decider if your new found acquaintance will progress to a more friendly state or even a loving relationship.

It is pertinent for a male folk to be appropriately dressed for whatever location the date is planned for. We shall take a cursory look at the ideal dressing for whatever dating location you choose. It is however important to note that a perfect date is a culmination of several factors such as the location, dressing and ingenuity of both partners.

Casual settings
Choosing a casual setting for a date is quite common and it offers a relaxed atmosphere for both parties. Casual places include the cinemas and the mall and the most ideal dress code for this is a clean jeans. More so, a cool T-shirt or buttoned down shirts will do a lot of good when worn with the jeans or casual dress pants. Wearing a hooded top is a no no and it is ideal to stay away from them for a first date.

It’s a great choice to pick clothes with lively colours such as blue, emerald green and maroon while ensuring you stay away from excessively bright or flamboyant colours like fiery red and yellow. Black shirts should be avoided as it brings a mourning mood with it except both of you are Goths and you decided on such dates. The colour black is drab and like colours should also be avoided as you want to create a happy and cheerful mood on your first date.It’s good to stay away from all black ensembles (unless you’re going on a mime date or a goth date) and drab, muted colours.

Less casual settings
If you’re planning for a semi-casual location for your date, then it’s only ideal you opt for something more dressy and sophisticated. A sleeved buttoned down shirt is cool and can be further accentuated with a jacket especially if you decided on a date at a fancy high brow restaurant. A tie is out of place as you might feel uncomfortable except if it’s a quick lunch date and you have to return to the office.Go for dress slacks in black or charcoal and a nice button down.
If you decide on appearing stylish, a pair of brown or black loafers or shoes would be a perfect blend with your clothes. A casual date on the other hand might require clean and cool pair of slip-ons or sneakers depending on your choice. Regular cleaning using slightly damp clothes would increase the “life expectancy” of your loafers and sneakers.
The perfect look for a semi-casual setting would thus be a nice pair of jeans, buttoned down shirt and either a pair of slip-ons or loafers to complete your appearance.

Comfort is important
Well, who can take comfort for granted?, it is important to wear what you feel free in as your partner would easily notice if you’re comfortable in what you down or not.Wear what you’re comfortable in. It is however important to note that we don’t mean you should go for the date in hoodies or uncomfortable pants and jackets. You should endeavour to avoid dresses that you have to repeatedly adjust and fiddle which inadvertently draws undue attention to that part of the dress.
Moreover, a first date is not the right place to try out a new outfit or fashion trend. This is so because there is a high chance that you won’t be comfortable in such outfits which might send out the wrong notion of you not being comfortable to your date. Thus, it is ideal you stick to the clothes you know well and feel comfortable in. Also, when you wear something comfortable and fitted on the first date, there would be no unnecessary high expectations from your date in future as regards your appearance.
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