Guess Who Mourinho Blames For Chelsea’s Third PL Loss

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Chelsea recorded their third loss of the PL campaign when they lost 3-0 to West Brom. Mourinho doesn’t seem to be blaming his team though.

Chelsea were crowned champions of the PL with more than two matches to go and Mourinho feels his team lost the tenacity to win. He blamed the other title chasers for letting his side win the league so early.

“Football is to be played at maximum intensity and in our situation it’s not easy to do that,” Mourinho told reporters. “It’s not a big surprise. It happens when a team is champion with matches in hand.

“Bayern Munich lost the last three matches in the league, and when you’re champions so early it’s difficult to keep the motivation high.

“When you lose that salt and pepper of the competition it’s difficult to compete at the highest level. If I have to blame anybody, blame Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool for letting us win the title so early.”



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