“Go Back To Fishing” Orubebe Tells Ijaws

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Elder Godsday Orubebe, former minister of Niger Delta affairs has pleaded with the Ijaws to go back to fishing.

His reason was for them not to depend on oil resources to move forward as a people.

He appealed to them during the presentation of his paper, “The place of the Ijaw in Nigeria: A call for strategic action.” 

“Because of oil we have abandoned what God has given us in our environment. Ijaw people naturally are fishermen. But we abandoned what God has given to us and we focused on oil which we don’t have absolute control of. And that is our dilemma. That is what has trapped us.”

According to the minister, the Ijaw people were productive before the discovery of oil but became carried away from their daily means which eventually left them in poverty.

He furthermore lamented that, the Ijaws have been neglected by the government even though they were one of the largest producers of oil in the country.



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