Gambian President Yahya Jammeh Promises To Slit The Throats Of All Homosexuals

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Gambian president Yahya Jammeh‘s hatred for homosexuals seems to grow with each passing day.

Jammeh, who just last year increased the punishment for homosexuality to life in prison, vowed to personally kill all homosexuals.

According to Vice News, he said: “If you do it [in the Gambia] I will slit your throat — if you are a man and want to marry another man in this country and we catch you, no one will ever set eyes on you again, and no white person can do anything about it.”

Jammeh, who has been the country’s leader for 21 years, is one of the most outspoken African leaders against homosexuality.

In 2013 he asked parliament why he had never seen ‘a gay chicken or turkey’, and in 2014 he compared homosexuals to ‘vermin’.




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