Fuel Scarcity: Strike Continues As Marketers Deny Receiving Payment From Govt

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Members of the Depot & Petroleum Products Marketers Association(DAPPMA) and Major Oil Marketers Association(MOMAN) have dismissed claims by the Federal Government that N156 billion was released on Thursday to them.

In an interview with Premium Times, the Executive Secretary, Depot & Petroleum Products Marketers Association(DAPPMA), Odufemi Adewole said:

“The money government said it was paying to marketers has not yet hit our accounts. So, there is little we can do about the situation,” Mr, Adewole said.

“The money the Minister of Finance promised to pay us last February did not get into our hands till about four or five weeks later.

“If all members are not getting the money today, it means we have to wait till Monday. But, the truth is that nobody is going to call off the strike till the money is paid,” he added.



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