Six Most Embarrassing Celebrity Break Ups In The Nigerian Entertainment Industry

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Grab your coke and popcorn, it is about to get pretty interesting from this point.

In the world of entertainment, nothing you do as an entertainer is hidden and so when you’re happy, the whole world gets the juicy deets and also, when you’re going through the worst break up in the world, the whole world gets front row seats while your life plays out for them to see.

And that is how this list came to be.

Below are the most embarrassing and messiest celebrity break ups the Nigerian entertainment industry ever witnessed.

Funke Akindele and Kehinde Almaroof Oloyede

Ms Akindele and her ex husband got married after different speculations about the actress’ single status in her mid thirties.

The wedding was inarguably one of the biggest events that year and it almost became a red carpet event with the number of stars that turned out but less than a year later, rumors began to swirl about Funke’s marriage. And even though she tried to keep it private, her then husband went on Facebook to serve us the interesting details of the state of their marriage.

And it was all downhill from there. Then rumors of cheating from Mr Oloyede’s side sprung up and the possibilities of Funke being abused in the relationship.

Needless to say we didn’t need Nollywood for entertainment during that period.

Iyanya and Yvonne Nelson

Iyanya and Yvonne

There was the song about her waist and then the Twitter sub from Nollywood actress and self proclaimed bad girl, Tonto Dike and the heartbreaking tweets from Yvonne Nelson.

This two served us their break up drama hot and fresh via social media as it was happening, even though they spent months refuting claims of a possible ongoing romance.

And even though Yvonne Nelson finally bared her heart out on The Juice with Toolz months later, we had witnessed the most ridiculous break up drama ever from her couch(es).

Yvonne has since moved on to make more movies and grab awards and Iyanya, well, Iyanya has moved on to be linked with other female acts.

Ubi Franklin and Emma Nyra

Ubi and Emma

A lot of physical and emotional abuse speculations trailed these two before their relationship finally officially became known to the public, and might we add that it did not become public until it was seemingly over and another woman (Lilian Esoro) had appeared in the picture.

But while all we had was speculations, it all became messy when Ubi granted an interview discrediting his ex, Emma Nyra and praising his then fiancee, Lilian Esoro. Emma went ahead to tweet a couple of messages which sparked off the rest of the drama.

We’ll take this over Tinsel any day!

Frank Edoho and Katherine Obiang

Frank edoho and Katherine Obiang


Because this happened a while ago, a lot of people might not remember the tea served by this duo’s separation and eventual divorce.

Katherine who was a presenter on the hit morning show, AM express in the early 2000s when it just begun, married Frank Edoho, the presenter of hit show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and who also was her elder brother’s friend and everything seemed great until news that he was hitting her surfaced.

They separated but not without serving the world the drama.

But who would blame a woman who had constantly endured physical abuse? Her story had to be told so that other women would be free.

Bukky Wright and Bolaji Basia

Bukky Wright and Bolaji Basia

Bukky Wright’s romances might have taken a backseat to her career these days but it never used to be the case. Years ago, the Nollywood actress battled it out with her ex, socialite, Bolaji Basia on the pages of print media.

Social media did not exist then so it did not go viral (of course) but it was nothing less juicy than the other break ups on this list.

In fact, many newspapers sold news with this soapy drama (here is looking at you PUNCH).

Daniel Ademinokan and Doris Simeon

Daniel Ademinokan and Doris

They looked every inch the perfect couple before the devil (or as Nigerians like to call her, Stella Damasus) took over. And because Nigerians hate to see marriages end, they were shocked when different versions of the reason the couple broke up emerged.

And it was all shades of gross and ridiculous. From stories of Doris cheating to her refusing to serve her man the different sex styles he wanted to her being to busy for him.

Years after the break up and the drama still continues, Doris is yet to be linked to anyone else while her ex graces Stella Damasus’ every red carpet event, show and Instagram post.

And we wonder, who did they say cheat again?



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