Find Out Why Blac Chyna’s New Man Would Not Be Giving Her Some For At Least Four Weeks

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A-mean she is one hot woman so why wouldn’t any man want to tesojue the moment he can call her his?

Tyga’s ex and Kylie Jenner’s nightmare, Blac Chyna might just have upgraded with her new man. The ex stripper and now business woman, has been reported by TMZ to be dating Boxer, J’Leon Love, who is signed with Mayweather’s promotional company  and reportedly is one of the rising stars in boxing right now.

Talk about doing better than the last time!

Blac, who has not had the smoothest of months in recent times (courtesy of the whole drama with her, Kylie and Tyga on social media) seems to be genuinely happy with her new man.

Even when she was told he would not be able to have sex for at least four weeks.

According to TMZ, J’Leon has to strictly follow a boxing rule that says he cannot have sex before a fight so he does not mess with his stamina.

And Blac Chyna is totally cool with that.

Who knows? This might be the time to build the relationship beyond the physical.

Nice one, Blac!



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