Find Out How This American Pedophile Can Affect Hilary Clinton’s Bid For Presidency

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Hilary Clinton contact with the white house might just be through Scandal alone, just like the rest of us.

Hilary Clinton who has expressed interest in running for the presidency might not be safe as her husband’s friendship with an ex convict might be in the way.

Jeffrey Epstein, a one time sex offender and a billionaire who has many times in the past sponsored trips former President of America, Bill Clinton, took has surfaced in public after years of being on a low profile.

While this should be harmless under normal circumstances, the pedophile just may have appeared at the wrongest time ever.

Because of a long standing friendship with Bill Clinton, dirty secrets are expected to be dug and expected to be used against Hilary against her campaign.

Even though Bill Clinton publicly denied having anything to do with Epstein after the public knew he had sex wit underage girls, a receipt surfaced later, revealing Clinton had received a donation from Epstein that same month for his charity organisation.

The Clintons are not the only ones Epstein has being a nemesis to, Prince Andrew was said to have through his services slept with a younger girl in 2001, a claim the Royal family publicly denied.

But with Epstein out and about and Hilary Clinton’s critics waiting to attack, someone might be needing Olivia Pope… and soon.




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