Finally ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ is Getting a Reboot

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Better late than never they say, and that seems to be the case with the hit 2003 movie League of Extraordinary Gentlemen aka LXG which is getting a reboot by 20th Century Fox. According to reports the studio has decided to give the franchise a try once more and has recruited John Davis to produce the movie.

The 2003 adaption of the comic book which starred Sean Connery while loved by fans didn’t give the studio the motivation it needed to push forward with a sequel as it managed to pull in a total of $180million worldwide. Then 10years down the line, there was another idea to make it into a series but that also did not materialize as the show never got ordered, probably a good thing in a way.

LXG no doubt remains one of those movies which had the potential to become huge but couldn’t take off and with this News of a reboot coming, i just hope they manage to get this one right and give viewers something spectacular when the time comes.

For those who never got to watch the 2003 movie adaptation or i you merely want to refresh your memory of what the movie was about, you should check out the trailer below.

Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

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