Fights Canceled On VH1 Hit Show, Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

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Your daily dose of ratchedness has been reduced.

If you are a fan of the hit show, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, then you probably know this much, ratchedness lives there.

The large cast, made up of artistes, entertainers. managers, baby daddies, baby mamas, tattoo-carrying-cuss-words-loving people and overwhelming drama, have no chill whatsoever.

And this means when fights break out, sometimes people go all out to vent. Sometimes, punches are thrown and weaves are pulled.

No kidding.

No be only Naija sabi fight like that.

But, as much as you might like to watch grown ass adults play the fool on TV for your entertainment, the Sponsors are having none of that.

An emergency meeting has been scheduled and cast members have been warned to limit their anger display to throwing words around.

Anyone who tries to fight would be suspended without pay.

And who wants to risk their money and job just for reality TV fight?

So people, you wan watch fight? Tune in to a station that shows boxing/wrestling.



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