Enrique: Guardiola Has Changed Bayern’s Style

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Barcelona coach, Luis Enrique has praised Guardiola on the positive changes he has brought to Bayern Munich’s playing style.

Both coaches will meet on Wednesday in the first leg of the champions league semifinals.

Guardiola will be facing his former club for the first time since he left in 2012.

He doesn’t think though that Guardiola’s tenure at the club will have any effect on the match whatsoever.

“I believe that Bayern, since Guardiola became the coach, have a slightly different playing style,” he said at a press conference.

“He has maintained the positive aspects and added his own touch. They are one of the best teams in Europe without a doubt. We don’t think about beating Pep, we want to beat Bayern – a historic club in Europe. Unfortunately only one of us will reach the final.

“I don’t think Pep has any doubts about what we are going to do tomorrow. We both want possession and we shall see who is in better condition tomorrow. I respect them of course, but other than that, we are motivated and feel we can win tomorrow. He knows every one of my players very well, but I don’t think it’s a determining factor for the match. This type of game is resolved by minor details.

“It will be nice for the players to see Pep again. But they feel the match is more important than to see their former coach. There’s always time at the end of the game to say hello.”



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