#DrunkInLove: Beyonce And JayZ Look Picture Perfect As They Stroll On The Streets Of Florence

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If we are to believe MTO and a few other gossip blogs, Beyonce and JayZ are not truly happy.

And we do know pictures can deceive but this pair look blissfully in love as they take a stroll in Florence, Italy.

Beyonce who was decked in oversized coat and a pair of distressed H&M jeans was looking beautiful by her man, multimillionaire record label executive, Shawn “JayZ” Carter.

Blue Ivy was nowhere in sight but the two seemed like they needed the time alone.

And even though they were joined by a group of tourists (we would too if we spotted Jay and Bey on our streets!), they still seemed very much into each other while mingling with the others.

Don’t you just love them?

B and J

Beyonce and Jayz

Bey and JayZ 2

And the last picture stays giving us life.


Photo credit: Dailymail



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