Drama Ensues As Diezani Chases After Buhari At Abuja Airport

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The Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja on Friday, experienced a side-splitting drama as the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, was seen chasing the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari.

If we recall, both Buhari and the minister on Friday morning travelled out of the country to London on the same flight.

While Buhari was about to board his flight at the British Airways, a mild drama took place at the airport.

Sources, who were present, revealed that the minister left behind her aides and raced, in a bid to catch up with Buhari, who had undergone airport screening before her.

The source said “The man (Buhari) was at the front and had already passed the screening team. And immediately the woman (Diezani) came down, it was as if they told her that the President-elect was already inside the aircraft, so she started running. She even left her people behind so that she could board the flight along with the President-elect.

“This happened between 4am and 5am this (Friday) morning and the airline involved was British Airways. The flight was on its way from Abuja international airport to Heathrow Airport, London.”

A verified source further disclosed that the President-elect only greeted Alison-Madueke during the boarding process, but when Buhari noticed that the minister was trying to stir a conversation, he bluntly shunned her.



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  1. Buhari will retain that woman,she did no wrong in that sector rather she sanitize the oil & gas sector by stepping on tool of those cabal that have held us ransom for a long time,is just that most of you are uninformed,but mark my word!

  2. Does this suppose to make a headline? traveling to London in same air craft when has that becomes a crime or otherwise? even that, what is wrong in Diezani want to have a direct discussion or discussed with Buhari? Nigerians should beware of article this because this media was trying to incite the Christians or ethnic crises in there. I can see 360nobs and other media houses leading us taking arms against ourselves with this kind of post.

  3. Madam Diezani, has more integrity than Buhari, and her reputations outside the walls of Nigerian speaks for her, and Buhari do not have the gut to do her any harm, cause he knows where he will end up if he tries that irrespective of his position as the next number one citizen, if any body which is to blame this administration for anytime that is befalling Nigeria then that person must be the biggest fool, don’t forgets things in a hurry, incase you don’t know, me and you knows where the problem which we are facing today comes from. The north should bear the responsibilities and repair what they have damaged, am not sentimental just saying the facts.

  4. All these effort to create attractive headlines, if we have been looking closely from day one we will know that she has really tried, but we can’t please everyone at the same time.

  5. make dem shun that tin, she no chase any body go anywhere, wetin dey wrong if their two dey the same plane, abegi, na tori these people just dey find

  6. If thesame effort spent on trying to crucify someone is spent doing other productive things , we wouldv’e gone far, now trailing Mrs alison is now the order of the day, how has thid helped or benefited anyone, the quicker they realize this, the better, no one was without flaw in his or her time in public service, she’s done her quota to a reasonble level and deserves commendation, not the other way round.

  7. Diezani’s act was a question of conscience, whether she chased him or not,the reasons are obvious why she did,from her record even currently she’s trying to cover her can of worms..

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