Diddy And Drake To Begin New Partnership

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News reaching us say Diddy and Drake may have had the first of many business partnership meetings.


Both embraced peace following a mid-April phone call. We recall the song ‘0-100’ by Drake as being the reason both artistes fell out a while ago. But the rap heavyweights have since called a truce stating how they are “going to cross paths several times” at loads of gigs this summer.


Other sources say the beef was squashed given that both parties could have a mutually benefiting business relationship soon.


TMZ lends credence to this stating that “[both parties] declared a truce [because] they decided peace can be highly profitable for both of them.”

“We found out the former enemies met at 1:00AM Monday at Mel’s Drive-In in West Hollywood… just 2 of them, and of course their bodyguards.”

“We’re told the chat was all about creating a joint venture with both of their names. They kicked around everything from clothing, to jewelry to cigars. They did not zero in on a product line but agreed that it would be mutually beneficial for them to partner.”


Image: Missinfo.tv


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