Copycat? Kylie Jenner Says Kim Stole Her Most Recent Nude Shoot From Her

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Kylie Jenner might soon get a patent law for posing naked too.

In a deleted clip of KUWTK, Kylie Jenner complains to the eldest Kardashian/Jenner sister, Kourtney Kardashian, revealing her concern about Kim copying almost everything she does.

Kylie claims that Kim takes her ideas, uses them and then makes them cooler.

According to her, Kim’s popular nude desert shoot was something she got from her.

Kylie had initially posed for Teen Vogue doing the desert shoot, albeit with clothes on while Kim did her without clothes and for her website.

Kourtney suggests that Kylie and Kim have a conversation and then adds that Kim probably copies Kylie because she thinks she is cool.

She tells her baby sister to be “flattered”

Oh well, I guess we know where Kim gets her cool ideas from now.



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