Chris Brown And Baby Mama At War

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TMZ posts Chris Brown addiction story

When you have a baby the way Chris Brown did, you’re likely to be in this type of mess.

Yesterday, we reported that Nia Guzman, Chris Brown’s baby mama was going off at an Instagram follower who accused her of being Breezy’s baby mama because of the checks she wants to cash in.

Well today, according to TMZ, Chris Brown really did stop paying her money.

And the reason seems simple.

Chris Brown was paying Nia, $2,500 dollars every month when he knew for a fact that baby Royalty was his. But Nia who wanted more (for reasons known to her) demanded $15,000 dollars every month instead.

Chris, who thought that was ridiculous and that Nia was clearly trying to use the baby as a lottery ticket told her he was done paying the money and insists he won’t pay a dime above $2,500.

Nia did not agree with that and that started the drama.

It is no secret that Chris loves Royalty, so he is going to fight to keep her but how dirty this fight would be (considering Nia would not back down) is what we do not know.

But we would be here to serve the deets.




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