Choosing The Right Souvenir For Every Occasion

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Sometimes last week, I wrote about choosing the right aso ebi for every occassion and in my post, I mentioned that while choosing your aso ebi, you have to consider the souvenirs to give your buyers. So, this post will focus on tips to help you pick the right souvenirs to give your invited guests as people look forward to seeing what you give them as an appreciation for buying your party cloth. Souvenirs are ways of telling your guests thank you for not only honouring your invitation but using their hard earned cash to buy your aso ebi. So, it is important that you give them things that will make them happy. Highlighted below are some of the things to consider while choosing souvenirs for your party guests. (Oh, in case you don’t know what souvenirs are, they are gifts you give to your guests before, during or after your party)


#1. Have Your Guests In Mind: gone are the days when people only sell aso ebi for burials and weddings. These days, people sell aso ebi for almost every occasion; birthdays, house warming parties, inauguration ceremonies, etc. So, when buying souvenirs for your guests, consider the kind of people that will attend the ceremony and buy things that are age appropriate. If it’s a kid’s party, buy things you know kids will love to have like toys, assorted candies and cookies. Even if it is not a kid’s party, consider all age groups when buying gifts for your guests. Old, young, toddlers attend almost every type of parties and so, buy gifts with everybody in mind.


#2. Quality Over Quantity: at no point in time should you settle for quantity over quality. Don’t buy pens, bottle openers or key holders and share to your guests; it is too cheap to be appreciated. Not that you can’t share pens or key holders at your parties, don’t just share them alone. Buckets, serving trays, sieves are even better options but you can impress your guests by buying them set of glass cups, electric kettles, set of eating plates, custom made notebooks and gift bags, pressing irons. Food items like groundnut oil, canned goods, sachet sugar, sachet salt can also be shared together with the buckets, serving trays etc. Always seek to impress your guests with the gifts you give them. Don’t be stingy with souvenirs.


#3. Always Buy Excess: because you want to satisfy all your guests; not just the ones wearing aso ebi, buy your souvenirs in bulk. It is always bad when some people get the gifts and some don’t. So as to avoid that, buy in excess. If you invited 100 guests, plan for 150 people. It is better for you to have so much left than not have enough to give to your guests.



#4. Organise Your Souvenirs: I have gone to parties where different people share different souvenirs and it often leads to conflict because they give selected people. If there’s a way you can get everyone coming with a souvenir to put them together in a place, especially before the wedding, do so. That way, you can give everybody that comes to your party something without discriminating and you can keep track of the things being shared so that one person won’t have more than others.


Sharing souvenirs can really be a tough thing to do so it is best to share them when almost everyone is still on their seats and the party is in full swing. If you’re going to give people that buy your aso ebi something more expensive and special, it is advisable to do when handing the clothes to them so those without the uniform won’t feel bad. Remember quality over quantity. At the same time, do not go overboard when buying.  Put your pocket into consideration when purchasing your souvenirs.


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