Cancer, Social Media Negativity, Fashion Police & Extreme Weight Loss. E! News Anchor, Giuliana Rancic Opens Up In New Interview With Splash Suntimes Magazine

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In the interview with Splash Suntimes, the E! news anchor opens up about her weight loos, social media negativity, her newly released book, family and more.

On her weight loss and her book, she said “I’ve heard a lot of comments about my weight throughout the years, but it felt like it was getting louder and louder. … It really reached the loudest point at the [Golden] Globes this year, and the Grammys, which were [a few] weeks later,” Rancic says. “The comments were fast and furious about my weight, so I thought it’s time to address this, because it’s not going to stop until people know the reason. And if I have nothing to hide, then why not share it?”

“I thought, if I’m going to go out there and talk about my book — talk about how truthful the book is and how I opened up about all these stories — then I need to also be truthful in everything I talk about,” she says.

On social media negativity, “I don’t care what anonymous people think about me, ultimately,” she says. “These people on social media, they’ve got all this courage to say whatever they want about you, and meanwhile they’re hiding behind an egg profile (the default Twitter profile image) The worst ones are the eggs, you can quote me,” she jokes.

Suntime Splash

On  her husband, When we go out, it’s Studio Paris [59 W. Hubbard] — da club — and Three Dots and a Dash [above, 435 N. Clark], but we really do stick to our restaurants [RPM Italian, 52 W. Illinois, and RPM Steak, 66 W. Kinzie]. I love the energy there and I love that people come over to us and we take pictures; it feels like coming home every time we go in. And it’s nice being a partner, because then Duke can run around and I don’t feel as bad.

We act like tourists all the time. Bill and I and Duke did a tour on a double-decker bus around the city the other day. … So we’re sitting in the front seat of the top like total tourists. … Bill kept jumping in, he’s like, ‘Let me have the microphone.’ He stands up and starts giving [all these Chicago facts], doing a tour. He knows so much about the city. The guide was like, ‘This is great!’ and took a five-minute break

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Credit: Splash Suntimes

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