Bruce Jenner’s Kids Think The Kardashian Support Is Fake

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Family on fire.

The world saw the Patriach of the Jenner clan and Olympic medalist, Bruce Jenner sharing his transitioning story with the world about a month ago.

And there was a massive outpouring of support from the public and his family…

Or so we thought.

USweekly has revealed that Bruce Jenner’s kids believe the Kardashians are being fake with their support. According to them, all the support is for show and nothing more.


When we remember that Brody and Brandon have been on KUWTK in the past, we would like to dismiss this as a rumor but again, just recently, one of the Jenner brothers lowkey threw a shade Kim Kardashian’s way.

And has Rob not indirectly referred to his family as fame hungry?

So maybe something is not right and things aren’t the way they seem with the Kardashians. But we hope they keep it peaceful no matter what. Even if it is for Bruce’s sake.



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