Brody Jenner Debunks The Kardashian/Jenner Family Feud Rumor, Says “I Love Kim To Death”

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Asides from the huge buzz Bruce Jenner transformation has been creating, there have been rumors of a family feud brewing behind the scenes in the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

And even though nobody in the families has come out to refute the claims, Brody Jenner has granted an interview that might mean it’s all love in the large family.

According to Brody while granting an interview to Extratv, he does not really see the Kardashian family members but that is not because of any form of beef, it is because they are all busy people just like he is.

Brody who is working on his own reality show on E! called, “Sex With Brody” says he loves Kim to “death” and that’s it. It is all love.

He also discussed missing her wedding and said it was nothing the press thought, it was because he was busy.

Well, if that does not tell us it is all peaceful in paradise, what else will?



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