Boko Haram: 214 ‘Rescued’ Girls, Women Pregnant; Some Of The Children Were Born In The Forest – UNFPA

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The United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA), on Sunday said about 214 of the 687 women and girls so far rescued by the Nigerian Army from the dreaded Sambisa Forest in Borno State are at various stages of pregnancy.

Speaking to newsmen in Lagos, UNFPA’s Executive Director, Prof. Babatunde Osotimehin said:

“Already, as at yesterday (Saturday), many of them are undergoing screening for various diseases, infections including HIV/AIDS and about 214 of those already screened were discovered to be at various stages of pregnancies, some visibly pregnant and some just tested pregnant; but we are supporting all of them with various levels of care to stabilize them”.

“Some of the children that were freed along the women it was discovered were born in the forest and had never been out in the open until their release by the Nigerian Army”, Osotimehin disclosed.

The Army had last Tuesday announced the rescue of 293 girls and women from the forest which covers about 60,000sqm, followed by another 160 and 234 on Friday, who were expected to begin the process of profiling to determine their true identity, amidst initial hopes that some could be among the 219 girls abducted from Government Secondary School, Chibok.



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