Between Sofia Vergara, Her Ex And Two Embryos

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Messy describes the situation.

“Modern Family” star, Sofia Vergara might be witnessing the most embarrassing moment of her life right now. The actress, who just recently got awarded on the Hollywood walk of fame is battling it out publicly with her ex, Nick Loeb who might be suing her for their embryos.

Last year, shortly before Nick and Vergara (who had been engaged for two years) called it quits, they decided they would like to have babies at some point. And because Sofia had no plans to carry the babies in her uterus,they agreed to freeze her eggs.

Both of them had two female embryos as a result of that agreement.

But now that they are no more together and Sofia is engaged to actor, Joe Manganiello, Nick Loeb is granting interviews publicly and stating why he wants the “girls” as he calls them to be born.

He states that they don’t need two parents and that he can raise them all by himself.

Sofia has said that her ex, “is creating something ugly out of nothing” and that he wants to get press by capitalizing on this thing publicly, knowing that because of her career, he would get the spotlight.

Ms Vergara’s lawyer has gone ahead to say Sofia has no plans of having the embryos destroyed, she just doesn’t want to have kids with her ex.

However the duo drag it out in court, this looks like it would be one long messy court battle.

Good luck, Sofia. You’ll need it.



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