Because Abuja Is Too Mainstream, 5 Men Want To Trek From Nigeria To Mecca For GMB

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The trekking trend gets interesting.

Five adult male folks have decided to hop on the train and join the association of trekkers as they have vowed to take a walk from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia to show solidarity to the president elect General Muhammadu Buhari and to thank Allah for winning the 2015 presidential elections.

The married men-Mohammed Inuwa, 45, Dahiru Aminu, 33, Abdullahi Usseini, 45, Abubakar Danjuma, 45, and Kabiru Saleh , 35, speaking with newsmen yesterday in Bauchi said their decion to embark on the trek to Saudi Arabai was informed by their deep love for Buhari

Mohammed Inuwa, spokesman of the group said: “He has tried to be president for 12 years but Allah did not make it to be possible.

“We believe he always won because he had the support of the majority.

“This time around Allah has given him the power and so we decided to trek to Mecca by road to register our unflinching support to General Buhari”

They said they were willing to sacrifice their lives for the mission but “we pray Allah will protect and guide us because we are committed to show our appreciation to General Buhari.”



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