Anna Wintour Set To Punish Celebs Who Took Selfies At Met Gala?

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Now that would be pretty interesting.

If the sources are correct, then Anna Wintour would be punishing a whole lot of celebrities for breaking her one major rule at the recently concluded MET gala.

Celebrities that include, Kim Kardashian West, Rihanna, Cara Delvigne, Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber and a whole lot of your favorite celebrities.

While it has not been confirmed, the editor of Vogue and one of the most revered women in fashion, made a rule before the MET gala 2015, where she stated that selfies were not allowed at the gala.

The rule was direct and clear but clearly, celebrities in Hollywood are not about that rule life.

Ms Wintour is said to be deciding on the appropriate punishment and quite a number of media platforms have wondered what it might be.

Banning the guilty celebrities is an option that has come up but with the list of famous offenders, would that even be an option? Not likely.

We however await Ms Wintour’s decision on the matter.



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