Ancelotti Says He Is Taking A Year Off

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This declaration by Ancelotti has all but answered the question everyone has been asking. Ancelotti may have just confirmed he won’t be at madrid next season.

Milan are ready to offer him a job, but the current Madrid boss has announced that he is taking a year off due to medical reasons.

“I said it in the press conference and I repeat: I will stop for a year,” the 55-year-old told Il Giornale. “Also because I have a very serious reason for stopping.

“I have to have an operation because of my cervical stenosis. For some time, it has been affecting my hands and if I lose any more time, it could pass into legs, so I have an appointment for surgery.

“And, frankly, I do not know how long I have to be physically stopped, in terms of the post-operative phase and the subsequent rehabilitation.

“It will be a pleasure to host [Galliani] for dinner, but I cannot change my programme.

“I will have the operation in Vancouver, Canada, where I have already got a house with my wife.

“I will rest, between Madrid and Canada. Because the two years at Real have been very tough, believe me.

“Nobody can imagine how much training Real takes out of you, in terms of physical and nervous energy.

“Then, I will return home for another event: in a month, my grandson will be born. That’s something that I cannot and do not want to miss.”

Ancelotti added, though, that he remains open to going back to Milan at some point in the future.

“I have always said and thought that if I were to return to Italy one day to train a club, it could only be for Milan,” he stated.



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