Amber Rose Blames The Kanye Diss On Alcohol But Are We Buying It?

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Amber Rose might not be a scorned ex but she is not one to speak her mind about past relationships and the men she has been with.

After going off in the club, talking about Kanye using ghostwriters on his tracks, the hot mother of one is now saying she was drunk when she said some of the things she said and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Well, if her slurring in the video is anything to go by, she might have been drunk for real but don’t they say alcohol only helps you say what you already wanna say?

Besides, Amber Rose, when recently interviewed, said, She would be talking about every aspect of her life in her new book without taking anything away.

And we know how much of her life Kanye was a part of and that she is not likely to say nice things about him, considering their drama earlier this year.

So maybe this video is just a little teaser for what she would be saying about Kanye? or maybe not.

We can only wait for How To Be  A Bad Bitch to hit the stores so we can find out.



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