Amber, Is That You? We Thought So Too

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If this isn’t a first.

Muva Rosebud might be running away from the law for criminal offences.

Oh well, getting all sexy all the time and being effortlessly hot should be a crime, shouldn’t it?

And people who commit crimes do get locked up!

The hot muva of one was spotted with a male friend at the Airport looking almost unrecognizable while she covered her head with a blue scarf and was simply covered, like seriously, covered in a pair of black leggings and white shirt.



Amber Rose scarf


Amber Rose scarf 2

Amber rose scarf 3

This is coming as a shock to the entire universe because we all know where Amber likes her clothes; off her body.

But as usual the model turned actress and Khloe Kardashian’s ultimate nemesis slayed in the casual outfit.

Sigh. What can u do wrong muva?



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