Adams Oshiomole And The Woman Who Married Him

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Up until the last seven years Adams Oshiomole was one of the most influential men in Nigeria. This influence began to wane from his second tenure due to internal wrangling within the APC in Edo state and the PDP stalwarts loyal to Tony Anenih and Senator Odion Ogbesia.

In April 2015 he became one of the most powerful men in the country when APC won the Presidential elections. As one of the most vocal governors who campaigned endlessly for the President –Elect, he has the ears of the President-Elect and has won his trust because of his hardwork and the fact that they both share the same ideals.

As old timers they are both conservatives and have had to fight the ruling party for their mandates.

Now they are both married to beautiful women!

I had gone downstairs for lunch yesterday when a colleague shoved her phone into my face as i tried to focus on the large piece of grilled turkey and peppered sauce on my plate. I looked up at her a little vexed. Then I noticed a photo shopped picture of a wrapped up ape next to that of Oshiomole and his new bride. I didn’t find it amusing. Nigerians sometimes do have a sad way of misrepresenting humor. I found it insulting to a man who had lost his wife 5 years ago after staying faithfully on her side as she battled with cancer for the latter part of her life.

Oshiomole is man. A real man, who has been there, and done that, he has come, seen and conquered. Adams has gone through hell and seen pain. He has endured countless labour and political betrayals, he has also lost the mother of his children. Until her death, Clara Oshiomole was a beautiful woman who stood by her husband and fought with him, time and time again. Her love for the little stubborn man she married never faltered. Until her death, she prayed for him.

Haven’t spent a better part of his life fighting and angling for the betterment of the common people I had expected that he would be shown support, not ridiculed because he was man enough to propose to a woman more beautiful than the Nigerian ladies who have taken to social media to lambast him as being too ugly to marry a former Etihad Airways flight Hostess from Cape Verde.

In my experience, a man like that should be lauded. I know a lot of men, with means who are still incapable of asking a very beautiful lady out. They go speechless in their presence. They’ve had to settle for simple looking ladies not because of love, but because they lack the balls required ask the lady they really want out.

Men like Adams have fought the system all their life. From fighting poverty growing up to working under unfair conditions at the Textile Mills in the North and fighting the government as President of the Nigeria Labour Congress he deserve to be happy. The constant struggle with life and the system is one of the reasons for his hard and dark features.

Cut to now, the woman he chooses to make him happy is none of our business. It is also not our business if they don’t love each other or if the combo doesn’t fit the fairytale demands of most ladies these days. You don’t need an image perfect wedding p to make a happy marriage.

We ought to let them be, pray for their union, buy them gifts and wish them a happy married life!

The most popular argument I saw on social media was that Lara Fortes must have married him because of his wealth and political power. The question is who wants to marry a man with nothing?

Adams Oshiomole remains one of the most brilliant man I know, he is arguable the only sitting politician in Nigeria who makes long speeches spewing out accurate figures and data for hours unending without consulting his notes. It’s time for our ladies to ask their man to do a recital of their mathematical table! They’d be surprised at the outcome.

And ladies, maybe you just need an Oshiomole in your life right now. Some of you are dating and married to some gutless man who can’t stand up and fight for you when it is required of them. Take this as a brotherly advice; don’t date a man without spine. If you are already married to a man who runs and hides behind your half cup bra at the sight of danger, I feel sorry for you. You are in for a long frightful journey.

So next time you see them on the street, walk up to them and congratulate him for the courage to love again. Appreciate him for the balls to marry again. Marriage is a blessing, yes. Marriage is still the most complicated experience God ever invented. It takes a boy to get married, but it takes a real man to stay married.

Happy Married life to the People’s governor. I wish Lara Oshiomole a beautiful Nigerian experience!


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