7 Things You Should Never Judge Women For

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There are a lot of things we all judge others for either because they do not measure up to our standards or because we feel they are insanely behaving like  jerks on the issue. More so, it could be for some other untoward reasons but whatever it is, we all have reasons for behaving the way we do and women are no exception. There are a lot of factors responsible for women behaving the way they do that makes us judge them. It could be she just had a baby and nobody is giving her slacks for all she has to do combining nursing her infant, work and home.

Furthermore, some people get to realise how bad they have been treating others when they find themselves in such situations. Imagine a scenario of someone who is young and childless who is intolerant of another young woman who just gave birth by questioning her commitment to work or inability to stay longer for a drink or two despite the fact that she does much more at work. This situation happens every now and then and only buttresses the fact that women are the best critic of other women. There are a lot of things that both men and women alike judge other women for but we have pruned them down to seven very important ones. These things are what we believe everyone should stop judging women for.

Being Obsessed With Planning
A lot of the times, we all seem to be upset with the obsession women have for planning especially as regards their weddings and events which makes them Bridzellas. At the time they go all out for their wedding plans, we all think what does it mean whatever way they appear at their wedding but putting in mind that it is a once in a life thing, we need to cut them slack. The details they put into their reception, including the clothes and who sits where might seem funny to some of us as at the time but when we think deeply of it and when it’s time for some of these events to come your way, you’d realise why they have to.

Going Out One Night and Drinking Too Much
Once in a while, women may need to ease off stress and if they decide to go out one night to have a little too much to drink, it’s necessary we cut them some slack as we also have been victims of such.

Not Leaving the Guy
Well, there have been more times than one that you feel a girl shouldn’t be with the guy she is with. There are reasons you shouldn’t judge a woman for being with a guy even she knows is a jerk. The most important of these reasons is that you yourself may find yourself in such situation and realise that there are more shades to relationships than you can ever fathom.

Not Being Available to Friends
There are obviously times when everyone is missing in action for one reason or the other and women are no exception. We all need to understand that women may miss out on an event and fail to notify you why. Just understand and move on when she does this.

Giving Fellatio
Obviously, women have every right to want blowjobs whenever they want to and shouldn’t be adjudged sluts for doing so.

Not giving Fellatio
As they have as much right to give blowjobs, they also shouldn’t be judged for not wanting to give.

Getting Married Too Fast
A lot of women rush into marriage and every single one of us has said this much. Saying so has made us sound jealous and we shouldn’t be killjoys or judge them for a decision they loved to make.



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