7 Reasons Why Being Single May Just Be Better

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Being single should not be considered a death sentence as there are a lot of reasons to be happy. Whether you’re fresh out of a relationship or you’ve been single for a while, there is no need to allow the boredom and loneliness that comes with being single get to you. If you find yourself single and you are considering rushing into another relationship as a means of escaping from loneliness, perhaps the 7 tips provided below will be worth reading and enough for you to change your stance.

You’ll have better relationships with your friends and family
It is quite normal to crave for attention immediately after a breakup. This may result in you doing something as weird as looking for a one-night stand. If you however tow this line, you are bound to get tired soon enough of sleeping with different people you barely know. As time passes by, you’re bound to require some form of stability which comes with friends and family who will always be tolerant of your excesses. When you’re in a relationship, you tend to concentrate more on your partner and inadvertently lose touch with your friends. The time you’re single is the best time to reignite the spark with friends and family that will support you irrespective of who you are.

Your phone and date bill will be low
The truth is when you are single, the only calls you seem to get comes from family and friends. Very few come from other acquaintances and as such, you have fewer texts and notifications to respond to.
Of course, people that are in relationships are mostly glued to their mobile devices as they continually have to respond to messages and calls from their partners. Being single however brings an indifferent attitude to your mobile devices. You’d probably realise that your call and data charges will be quite low when you’re single because you only occasionally update your social media status and return only worthy calls.

Social media won’t matter that much anymore
Your activity on social media is bound to reduce when you are single. No more constant uploads of pictures of you and boo on Instagram. Same goes for your Facebook status and tweets which you probably would update occasionally. This is so because there’s really no one you have an ardent need to check up on and would be liberating to say the least.

You’ll give yourself more attention
Since there is virtually no other person to worry about, you might as well give yourself all the focus and attention. Whether you’re in school or you work, when you’re single is the time to get your grades up and get promoted as you have all the time to do that. Try to strive and accomplish when there is no one to worry about. It’s mostly about you when you’re single which makes it easier to achieve more.

You’d begin to enjoy being alone
As the days count on your being single, you’d begin to enjoy it and stop trying so hard to get the right one. One of the major problems of these days is that people always need the companionship of people and don’t want to be alone. This really shouldn’t be so. Admire yourself for being alone and relishing the independence that comes with it.

You’ll meet new and better people
One of the things about being in a relationship is that you hardly have the time to hang out with other people. But being single gives you the freedom to meet and develop new acquaintances. It is however important you always have at the back of your mind that you’re young and friendship should come first before relationships.

You won’t settle for just anyone
The fact that you’re single doesn’t mean that lots of people out there don’t like you. It means you’re taking your time to look for the best out of the lot or you just want to be alone. It could also mean you want what is best for you in terms of benefits for the long term.

Know that soon enough you’ll get the right person swooning over you. So, enjoy your single status while it lasts.



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