5 Ways Of Knowing You Want More Than Friendship From Your Best Friend

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Nothing is as difficult as separating friendship and love. It is even more difficult when you’re trying to know if you are in love with your best friend or you’re just very close friends. Everyone has had one time or the other when they question the feelings they have for their very close friend of the opposite sex. That time you get to remember the cool times you had with your best friend and how they have the ability to complete your sentence midway and how you can laugh at jokes everyone else finds dry.

It’s very common to confuse friendship and love but before you go ahead and tell your best male or female friend you love them, there are 5 questions I need you to answer truthfully which can help you determine if you truly love them.

How do you feel about their dates?
If you find out that you are happy with who they ate with, then you probably want to stay as friends with them. A bit of jealousy will come up once or twice because the other person will take up most of their attention but if you have the ability to sift the good dates from the bad, you’re just a good friend. If you’re actually happy when he’s with a good woman, and not afraid to tell him when he’s with someone that is completely wrong for him, you’re probably just being a good friend.
On the other hand, do you feel hurt when he is out with his dates or girlfriend? Do you have that jealous feeling for every girl he has been with? If you find yourself trying to sabotage the dates your friend has or his relationship in totality, then you might feel a little more than just friendship.

Are their dates jealous of you?
If their dates seem jealous of the way you guys interact, then there might be a feeling you’re not paying attention to. A lot of people have best friends of other sexes and shouldn’t be a cause of worry except if their dates are jealous of what you have with them. This may mean that there are feelings you’re not acknowledging.

Have you two ever felt like being together?
If the two of you had ever had some awkward situations which resulted in a kiss, sex or an unexpected expression of your emotions after drinking too much, then you might be subconsciously thinking of him/her as a potential boyfriend/girlfriend.

Do you always think of them first?
It is normal for us to think about our best friends first when we have news to share but if you ever find yourself thinking about what they are doing or looking forward to seeing them everyday (even when there is no new gist), then you probably feel a lot more than friendship.

Do you feel sexually attracted to them?
Love and lust are quite difficult to differentiate. If you find yourself having some form of sexual attraction to your friend, then you should have it at the back of your mind that you feel much more than friendship.

It is however important to note before you take the big step of telling them how you feel that if things were to go awry, the friendship that exists will never be the same again. More so, if you end up dating and breaking up later on, there is little chance that you both can be friends again.

Be sure to know how you feel and to a certain extent what you think they feel before going out to tell them. Prepare for the worst and bear in mind that if they are not worth the risk, you won’t be telling them how you feel.



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