5 Reasons ‘Empire’ Became A Global Smash [+4 Hit Songs/ Videos From The Album]

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“Empire is the year’s biggest new TV show. Since its premiere on Jan. 7, the family drama about the drama behind a hip-hop and R&B record label has gone up in weekly viewership for two months straight, an incredibly rare feat when the pattern for a freshman show is to slowly decrease in viewership following its debut. More than 14 million people tuned into the March 4 episode, making it one of network television’s most-watched shows”

––– Gilbert Cruz (New York Times)


“I saw the hype and thought it overrated till I sat down and saw a few episodes. The music is enthralling, creative; with topnotch bass and synths. Above all, it is a finely-woven mix with the acting and overall storyline. Absolute humdinger.”

––– Henry Igwe (360Nobs)


Empire is the new, 13-episode smash-hit Fox show, with an album that beat out Madonna for Billboard’s number one spot.”

––– David Toussaint (Huffington Post)


There are loads of reasons “Empire” is kick a$$. Plenty reasons. Meanwhile it’d be forgetful of us to pour all the accolades on the production and cast and not say how integral social media was in hoisting the show to heights.


Empire, 360Nobs, 5 Reasons Empire Becamre A Global Hit
L-R: Cookey, Lucious Lyon


The authorities at Fox say the plan was to use same model that made “Scandal” a success for ABC both on Nielsen ratings and through Twitter, stating that the cast and crew from “Scandal” had a steaming social media presence, amongst other things. And the model in question worked totally seeing as Empire hit an average of 451, 270 tweets per episode, from statistics provided by Nielson Social.


Second week of March saw an episode notching 750, 258 tweets, helping make the series a global discourse across the micro-blogging site.


From the ad/ marketing angle of things as well, Empire has been phenomenally good for a ‘newbie’.


Joe Earley, chief operating officer of the Fox television group says: “We have never supported a show to this level post-launch, with the possible exception for one of the early seasons of ‘American Idol’”.

John Koblin of New York Times helps shed light on this explaining that by support, Early meant a lot of things, including local affiliates promoting the show, but he also meant something quite tangible: Fox’s marketing budget for “Empire.”

“Mr. Earley wouldn’t provide figures for that budget, but [he says] that purchases of off-air advertising were supposed to wind down after the third episode. Instead, with ratings gains each week, Fox kept advertising on cable TV shows, the radio and online for the entire first season”, Koblin writes.



The show lit up across millions of viewers, and we highlight 5 key areas that helped project the Fox hit drama below –


First is the MUSIC. There is really nothing to say about it other than it was a success. The lyricism and production mastery is first-rate by a million miles.


Next, the ORIGINALITY and UNIQUE storyline is laudable, and fits seamlessly with the cast. At some point it starts to feel like the actors are leading their normal lives given how much they integrate the characters into a functioning whole.


The use of LOVE, LUST and DECEPTIONS also helped get millions of viewers invested around the world, as they followed with all the raptness for succeeding episodes.


The RELATABLE SUBJECTS and THEMES in the drama are 100 and added a lot to the show.


Last but not least, the CONCEPT of WEALTH, POWER and FAMILY DYNAMICS, these had a strong presence too and served as major influencers.


John Koblin of New York Times described the plot of Empire as “[telling] a complicated tale of family rivalry and skullduggery.”


All Season long, the most talked about character was none than Cookey Lyon –played by Taraji P. Henson– a music honcho with a fine eye for raw talents.


Taraji Henson, 360nobs, 5 reasons Empire became a global hit


Her avant-garde approach spreads from her lavish use of designer brands a la Gucci and Louboutins to her non-conformist music inclination. And then her ageless, ultra sexy mien. These features glossed her character nicely, helping her enjoy an overwhelming renown amongst women, and major demographics worldwide.


Taraji P Henson

Season 1 was off the hinges, we watch with bated breaths to see if the cast and crew can best the  standards on a sequel.


Meanwhile, we promised you 4 solid hits from the Empire Album. Here, enjoy –

GOOD ENOUGH (Ft. Jussie Smollett)


YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL (Ft. Jussie Smollet, Yazz)


NO APOLOGIES (Ft. Jussie Smollett, Yazz)


CONQUEROR (Ft. Jussie Smollett, Estelle)



Images: Hollywoodreporter.com, Variety.com, Theurbandaily.com, Jojocrews.com

Videos: Youtube


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