360Nobs Artiste Of The Week: Kiss Daniel – Respect The New Kid on the Block [+ 3 Hit Songs]

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The Man

Kiss Daniel emerged in the scene without prior warnings and put out ‘Shoye’, a tepid effort at breaking into the major league. But since ‘Woju’ and ‘Laye’, it’s been a more convincing sojourn into the core of things, with the man proving largely how much he is here for the real deal.


The Music

Daniel is one of the fresh guys on the scene today, his music a sweet variant of the commercially formidable Afro Pop that defines our 21st century music.


Unique Selling Point (USP)

Mr. Kiss has a couple great things going for him, great positives he could leverage duly and break more into the big stages with. First, he is young – He brings to mind that youthful glow and verve. Secondly, he looks to be ready to carve a unique style for himself, especially seeing what he does on ‘Woju’ and most recently on ‘Laye’. Lastly, he is trendy and good looking; which earns him an ease into the appropriate youth demographic of this day. What this means is Daniel should find it relatively easy shifting units in today’s market, especially amongst the female population.







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