10 Times When You Are Allowed To Be Self-Centred

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From the title of this article, a lot of people will probably ask why one should be self-centred. In the real context, thinking about oneself alone and doing things that would benefit one is in itself a bad thing. But there are situations especially regarding relationships with the opposite sex when you are allowed to be selfish and do things exclusively for your own benefit.
There are specific stereotypes that exist regarding egos and selfishness with most people thinking that men are more egoistic than women. This may not be true as both male and female are almost equal when it comes to egoistic and narcissistic behaviour. Men and women have been found in psychological studies to have almost the same equal level of vanity and self glorification with varying feelings regarding entitlement and authority.
However, no matter the side of the divide you fall, it actually might be a good thing to be self-centred once in a while. For this reason, we bring to you 10 situations where we believe it is not much of a bad idea to be self-centred. Although men and women rated pretty equally for feelings of vanity and self-absorption, women were less likely to have feelings of entitlement or authority.

When Someone Compliments You
Compliments are rare and far between in the modern world except you’re a pretty face or hold a position of authority where people constantly want something from you. Thus, if you get a compliment about how good you look, your smile, hair or any accessory you’re wearing, thank the giver and revel in it.

When You Want to Ask for a Raise
Well, if you’re putting in more than enough time at work and you really know that you deserve more than you’re being offered, you sure can think only of yourself in that instance right?

When You Get a Promotion
After busting yourself with so much work and you finally get recognised for that due promotion, why won’t you enjoy it and share the news with friends and family barring what ever anyone thinks?

When You’re Having Sex
Once in a while, you deserve to think only of the satisfaction that comes with orgasm after sex. Forget about pleasing your partner for a while and think only about you getting to cloud 9.

When You’re interrupted
When you’re making a very good point either in a meeting at work or a social gathering and you get interrupted for no reason, think only of your self and go ahead to express what you had in mind.

When Your Relationship Sucks
If you know that relationship is not getting anywhere and is draining you rather than strengthening you, it’s not a bad idea to think about your happiness and take a walk.

When You Did all the Work in a Group Assignment
It’s not a bad thing to get the credit for doing all the work a group of people were supposed to. Revel in the glory and forget the snide remarks.

After Going Through an Intense Workout
You definitely deserve praising yourself after you’ve spent hours working out to be in good shape.

When You Go for a Job Interview
A job interview is the best place to brag and announce your achievements. Think only of yourself and tell them how much value you’d bring to them.

When You check Yourself Out in the Mirror
That moment you take a peep at your image, forget any flaw in your physical or innate self and just swim in thoughts of how sexy you are.



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