“You Won’t Win Titles With Tippy-Tappy Football”- John Terry Takes Swipe At Arsenal

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Following closely in the footsteps of his boss Jose Mourinho, Captain John Terry of Chelsea has taken a swipe at Arsenal’s style and failings.

According to the defender, not winning the league for ten years is boring.

“We are definitely not boring and if we do go on to win it, nobody’s going to remember those performances when perhaps it’s not been that exciting.

“We’ve dug deep and other teams haven’t done and that is why they are so far behind us.

“Possession and tippy-tappy football’s great – we could see that from the Manchester United game last week (when Chelsea won 1-0, despite United having the majority of the ball) – but if you are not winning games, you’re not going to win the league.

“Let’s not forget the first half of the season, up until Christmas, we were the best side by far.

“The football we played with (Cesc) Fabregas and his assists, the goal at Burnley (Andre Schurrle’s strike on the opening day) and goals after that. The play was different class.”



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