You Thought Nigerian Politicians Were Petty? See Reactions After Hillary’s Announcement

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Barely minutes after Hillary Clinton announced that she will be running for President of the U.S, opposition politicians came for her.

Even as positive reactions trail Hillary Clinton’s announcement, opposition Republicans hit hard at the former Secretary of States calling for her to be rejected.


Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, who officially announced his campaign in March put up a video on Twitter questioning Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State.

He claimed a vote for Hillary will be a vote for a continuation of Obama’s tenure of failed policies. He ended the video by urging his supporters to head to his website and make a contribution.


Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul, who confirmed his bid last week, also weighed in. His message was also a Twitter video where he called Clinton a representation of the worst of the ‘Washington Machine’ which is destroying the American Dream. He called a vote for Clinton as a vote for the past and dead ends.


Former Florida governor, Jeb Bush who is the brother to former President George W. Bush and son to former President George Bush Snr. hit the hardest asking voters to “commit to stopping her” to get new policy ideas into the White House.

In addition to the web page created to stop Hillary, Jeb Bush who is likely to be a presidential candidate in the 2016 elections even went as far as creating a video expressing his opinion on Clinton’s foreign policy and asked for a return to conservative ideals.





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