Why Does Man Have Such A Big PENIS? [MUST READ]

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Have you ever wondered why do humans have such large penises? Science may have the answer.

The penis is probably the one organ of the human body that’s caused males the most angst – is it big enough? Does it work properly?

While scientists recently found that the average size of a male erect penis is around 13.12 cm (5.16 inches), it still doesn’t answer the age-old question of how small is too small.

But, as the latest episode of the University of New South Wales (UNSW)’s ‘How Did We Get Here?’ series explains, size is actually not such a huge deal anyway.

Put away the rulers chaps, you do have a large penis…in relation to apes, anyway.

According to scientists, the size of reproductive organs in different ape species is the result of evolution in response to the sexual practices of the ape in question.

Male gorillas have small penises and small testes due to the fact they have the exclusive mating rights to a harem of females and do not need to compete with others to inseminate with its sperm.

Chimpanzees have large testes because females have multiple sexual partners and each male needs to produce as much sperm as possible to pass on its own genes to a new generation, according to Science Alert.

Relative to the other great apes, humans have medium-sized testicles supposedly due to the monogamous nature of our sexual relationships.

However, the large size of human members is still being investigated but evolutionary scientist Darren Curnoe discusses in the above video that it could be a way of attracting sexual partners and even a method to help release heat from the body.

So if you are feeling a little bit conscious about your “down there“, follow Professor Curnoe’s advice and go to the zoo to look at the man junk of gorillas and release a sigh of relief.


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