What The Heck?! Meet The Politician That Is Also A PORNSTAR [PHOTOS]

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By now, I am sure you are extremely eager to know who this pornstar cum politician is. Need not to be bothered, read along.

A man standing for UKIP during elections next month has defended his other job – as a porn star. UKIP- United Kingdom Independence party.

John Langley, 59, is also known as Johnny Rockard and he’s a talent scout, manager and promoter of adult films. (XXX Movies)

One of John Langley’s films (picture: SWNS)


He’s also vice chairman for Ukip in Bristol and is standing for next month’s city elections.

Ukip has said it has no problem with his line of work and he has been open about it since standing for election.

He said: ‘This is no big deal. It is just electioneering and it is the type of thing you expect in the run up to any election.

‘I have never made a big deal out of what I do and I am not breaking any laws.’


He added: ‘UKIP is a working class party which appeals to working class people.

‘Normal people go to the pub and enjoy a pint and then probably go home and enjoy adult entertainment. What people do in their private lives is really up to them.

His Johnny Rockard Global Media business has been running for more than eight years and boasts a speciality in ‘the British girl next door genre’.

He claims to have more than 30 years experience of photographing women and is currently looking to employ ‘attractive and presentable’ women aged between 18 and 60.

A spokesman for the party said: ‘Mr Langley is not doing anything illegal and it is a little bit unusual but at the end of the day he is a businessman.



‘Nothing is being hidden and there is no issue as far as we are concerned with him standing for UKIP in the election.’

Last January the University of the West of England in Bristol threatened to take legal action after it emerged a Johnny Rockard feature had been filmed on its campus.

The 23-minute video was called ‘Johnny Rockard at University of West of England in Bristol Student pick up and public sex with horny Xzena’.

In the film a man wanders around the campus among unwitting students telling the viewer he is looking for a girl ‘who wants to earn some money and have some fun’.

He approaches ‘Xzena’, 22, a psychology student, and she performs a sex act on him at the campus gates and the romp continues on a bus heading into Bristol city centre.

Wow, what do you think about this man and his ambition irrespective of his job as an adult film maker? Please feel free to sound off in the comments section.

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